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Planning & Design, Implementation & Installation, Operation & Maintenance, Commissioning & Quality Control for all construction related electrical, mechanical, civil, architectural, IT and special systems.

About Us


INT BH is a contracting company, with a well trained and highly experienced workforce, capable of implementing projects for the construction industry. We have a unique mix of skill sets, which enable us to take on highly specialized projects, and execute them in a precise and quality focused manner.


Our areas of expertise

At INT BH our subsidiary companies have highly specialized employees each dedicated to a certain speciality and trained to work as a team to ensure an integrated end-to-end solution for our customers.

Project management

Our experienced project managers ensure the implementation of the project within the deadline and budget.


Our team of mechanical engineers and technicians can carry out every task, regardless of its scale and complexity.


Software developers, with a broad set of skills, are here to provide integrated building management systems.


Highly qualified electrical engineers, and technicians educated in Europe, are our guarantee for the top quality electrical installation.

Setting up an IT infrastructure

Our IT technicians are experts in setting up large infrastructure networks, including the diversion, organization and connection of the ends of copper and fiber optic cables.


A team of engineers and building technicians, key building disciplines, such as plumbers, ceramics, carpenters, masons who complement our expertise.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Visa to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our Visa Department is licensed and approved by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based in Sarajevo.


Our services

As specialized technical services provider INT BH provides a wide range of services related to the construction and facilities management industries. We provide efficient services aimed at providing our clients with the best and most cost effective solutions covering IT-networks and systems, electrical installation and mechanical components for today’s modern buildings.

Implementation & Installation

…of highly specialized electrical, mechanical and IT-systems.

Operation & Maintenance

…of all types of electrical, mechanical, IT and special systems.

Quality Control / Testing & Commissioning

…for a fully documented and complete handover process.

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