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Our Definition Of Quality

At INT BH we define quality as our main goal in the delivery of our projects, to warrant a superior execution of all works within our scope, with the aim of achieving utmost client satisfaction.

Who we are?

INT BH is a contracting company, with a well trained and highly experienced workforce, capable of implementing projects for the construction industry. We have a unique mix of skill sets, which enable us to take on highly specialized projects, and execute them in a precise and quality focused manner.

Our combination of traditional construction disciplines, electrical, mechanical, civil, with IT give us the ability to handle special projects in an environment where IT plays an increasing role in the operation and maintenance of buildings and structures.

We have the ability to provide flexible staffing solutions, through our own recruitment company. With a stringent assessment procedure in place, we can ensure that the supplied manpower has the necessary experience and skills to meet any projects requirement.

Through this unique setup, we have direct access to a pool of specialists from electrical, mechanical, civil, architectural, and IT disciplines, from which we can create project specific teams, within a very short time, yet still can guarantee on-time quality delivery of projects.

We are setup and equipped to execute all kinds of projects, or take over full or partial operation and maintenance buildings or specific subsystems.

How We Achieve Quality

We achieve quality by investing in our staff, who are carefully selected for qualification, experience, and motivation. We then have them attend additional trainings, to ensure they meet our stringent criteria, and finally equip them with state-of-the-art tools to execute any given task.

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